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Why Do People Prefer Working with an Independent Insurance Agency?

Jun 26, 2018 6:04:48 PM / by Savers Marketing


Research shows that people prefer working with independent insurance agents and agencies because:

  • They’re local
  • They appear more trustworthy
  • They help save money
  • They’re more personal
  • They offer more flexible options


If you have trouble with an insurance claim, would you rather wait on hold to speak with someone hundreds of miles away at a claim center or sit down and have a face to face conversation with someone who works just a few minutes away? Working with a local agency also builds stronger customer and community relationships by instantly providing common ground between you, your team, and your customers.

As an independent broker who doesn’t have ties to any one particular carrier, you’re able to offer people objective advice in their best interest. You’re able to honestly say you have customers’ best interest in mind when researching coverage and recommending products.

Money saving
This comes back to being trustworthy. Since you aren’t getting commission from only one provider, you’re able to shop for the plan that meets your clients’ budget and coverage needs with a variety of carriers.

This goes hand-in-hand with the perks of working with a local agency. When a client calls the customer service line for a national carrier, they’re going to get placed on hold, referred to has “caller number 47,” and talking with a stranger who doesn’t know their story.

By working with a local agent like yourself, clients can have a better insurance experience where they are greeted by their first name, asked about their family, and work with someone who truly cares.

As an independent agent who offers a diverse range of products, you can provide clients with:

  • A one-stop shop: customers can select health, life, dental, etc. all through one central, reliable source.

  • An advocate during any claims processes or issues they might experience during the duration of an insurance policy.

  • A trustworthy, long term advisor.



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