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Using Social Media to Improve the Client Experience

Sep 24, 2018 10:07:00 AM / by Savers Marketing


You’ve been knocking it out of the park with your new sales tactics, now what are you doing to retain and wow those clients? Here are a few social media tips to helps you become a great insurance agent.




Social Media is here to stay.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, or the dozens of other social media sites, the customer experience is shifting to these platforms. The customer experience has evolved greatly with the creation and popularity of these sites. It’s vital that as an insurance agent that you learn how to leverage these forms of social media to set yourself above the competition.


It can be daunting when you consider the number of social media outlets, but it’s important to focus where your clients are primarily spending their time. Does your targeted customer base prefer to use Facebook to keep up with their friends and family? Do they prefer short, quick messages in the form of tweets? It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need to manage each and every network, but that would be spreading yourself too thin. Understanding your clients and where they spend their time is the key to utilizing social media to improve their customer experience.



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Personalization is key.

A good customer experience demands personal attention. Dying are the days of canned responses (can’t come quick enough!). We live in an age of quick, personalized responses to our needs and questions. Social media is the perfect vehicle for enabling both you and your customers to interact.


Imagine you have a bone to pick with a company and choose to tweet at them. Then imagine your surprise when they reply to your tweet, addressing your concern and asking how they can make it right? This not only creates good visibility for them but helps you feel like more than a number. Use these platforms to interact with your customers in a public space. It will create lifelong customers and shows others that might be looking on that you care.



Promote, interact, and contribute.

Social media isn’t just for interacting with your customers and improving their experience. It can be used to also promote your insurance sales. However, the trap into which many fall is using their social media accounts only to promote. Sure, toss out your website, or ask for referrals, but also contribute. The key to using social media properly is to give others a reason to follow you in the first place. No one wants to follow a Facebook page that simply posts a sales ad once a week.

A few practical ideas:

  • Set up a blog, where you debunk common myths within the health insurance industry.
  • Share content from sources that you trust, thus becoming a trusted resource for others.
  • Post something fun on occasion, because everyone loves cat videos, right?

Social media and marketing are about so much more than simply posting an ad - it’s about creating a network and contributing to your field.


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