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Product Spotlight: Selling Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Jun 5, 2018 7:21:04 AM / by Savers Marketing


How can Universal Life Insurance benefit your clients? Here are some selling points!


To help customers understand how investing in Universal Life Insurance (“UL”) can serve their families, emphasize how the right insurance policy will:

  • Help their loved ones remain in the family home

  • Protect their spouse’s standard of living during retirement

  • Preserve the continuity of the family business

  • Allow their children and/or grandchildren to complete their education

  • Cover taxes and final expenses

  • Alleviate the financial stress on their family in the event of a qualifying illness

Universal Life insurance protects beneficiaries’ assets and provides their families with financial peace of mind during and after qualifying life events.

With American National Insurance Company’s Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance, flexibility is the name of the game. Unlike standard policies that lock customers into rigid terms and contracts, Signature Guaranteed UL allows beneficiaries to:

  • Customize the length of their benefits

  • Select the amount of coverage they need and tailor their policy to fit their family’s   needs

  • Cash out or change their policy during the policy term

  • Accelerate the death benefit to manage the financial stress of qualifying health conditions

  • One month late payment forgiveness

Remember, it’s important for clients to plan ahead to ensure their family is protected and cared for when planning for the worst. However, American National Insurance understands that clients’ needs can and will change over time. So they designed a policy that offers your clients and their families peace of mind and the power to design the perfect fit by affordability, policy duration, and coverage.

With Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance, clients control the following components of their policy:

  • Annual premium

  • Term

  • Death benefits

Life insurance can be difficult to discuss with clients since it requires them to work out the details of planning for the worst. Just remember, you’re helping them obtain financial security and assurance that their family will be protected following a qualifying life event. It’s tough to think about, but even tougher to handle if clients aren’t properly prepared. Help them achieve peace of mind with the right Universal Life Insurance policy. American National was chartered on March 17, 1905 and has thrived utilizing conservative principles to be a leading provider of financial services.


You can help provide flexibility and customizable coverage to your clients through Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance. To see if Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance is the right product for you and your clients, check out our FREE EBOOK or call Savers Marketing at 800-642-0483 today! 






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