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Product Highlight: SureBridge Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance

Jul 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Savers Marketing


As part of our partnership with Integrity Marketing Group, we’re proud to offer our agents more varied and accessible product options to build their portfolios and better serve their clients. When your clients ask for dental, vision, or even hearing coverage options, are you able to offer them a product that:

  • Covers 100% of preventive visits?
  • Doesn’t have waiting periods for preventative or basic services?
  • Allows them to visit any provider or get preferred pricing with in-network dental & hearing providers?
  • Covers anyone from 0 - 90 years of age?
  • Affords them the option to choose an Annual Benefit up to $2,000?
  • Offers affordable monthly premiums starting as low as $25.00 with competitive commission?


Introducing: SureBridge Dental, Vision, and Hearing 

SureBridge’s insurance products are underwritten by Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, which allows SureBridge to create approachable, flexible supplemental insurance products that can be affordably sold and marketed through independent agents to provide people with coverage beyond their basic health insurance without breaking the bank. 


Flexible, reliable coverage for your clients

When you’re contracted with SureBridge, you can offer your clients :

  • 100% coverage with no deductible and no waiting period for dental exams and cleanings, hearing exams, and vision exams
  • No waiting period for Basic Dental Services such as fillings, cleanings, and x-rays 
  • Major Dental Services are covered after only a 9-month waiting period 


A better portfolio for yourself. A better agent for your clients.

Insurance products offered from SureBridge have competitive premiums and commissions, so you and your clients will benefit from the flexibility and affordability of SureBridge’s coverage options. Offering more flexible, affordable, and reliable products will help you meet your financial goals by creating a broad supplemental portfolio to bolster your current product portfolio. 


Getting contracted 

For more information, you can view product highlight sheets, compare products, and request contracting with SureBridge all in one place at Savers Marketing.



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