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Product Spotlight: Lumico - Insurance Made Simple

Jul 1, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Savers Marketing

Why Lumico?

Lumico offers a unique portfolio of products that people want but often assume they can’t afford. With Lumico, you can offer your clients customized coverage at more affordable premiums, all while trusting that you’re encouraging a financially safe and secure decision both upfront and in the long run. Here’s why:

Lumico is backed by 50 years of experience

Lumico has been around for over 50 years and is backed by global financial service organization Swiss Re, meaning they’ve been around the block more than once and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. On top of the support they receive from Swiss Re, they are A-rated by A.M. Best, one the top credit-ranking agencies, meaning you can stay true to your word and trust that what you’re selling to your clients is a safe investment. 

Lumico ditched the jargon for short and simple communication

All too often, agents and customers alike brace themselves to jump through a series of hoops and technicalities before they even know what type of plans are available from a provider. With Lumico, the application process is straightforward and simple, meaning you and your clients can spend less time sifting through unnecessarily complex documents, less time trying to sort out inefficient procedures, and less time securing the right product for your client. No hoop jumping here.

Lumico is committed to you and your clients

With Lumico in your portfolio, you can trust that your clients will be taken care of long term and pleased with your recommendation, meaning you get to please your clients, grow your business, and trust that you’re offering smarter, more financially secure insurance solutions to your current and potential clients.

Other perks include

  • A fresh take on commissions, so you can earn more
  • Affordable monthly premiums for your clients
  • Streamlined appointment processes
  • Predictable, clear underwriting processes

There’s a reason their motto is “insurance made simple.”  You shouldn’t have to learn another language to understand the product your selling, and your clients will be more confident in you and their insurance if it’s a product they can understand. So, they do their best to avoid the jargon and mumbo jumbo, but making insurance simple is about more than language. They’ve also made the processes and systems simple to understand, making the products easier for you to sell and more approachable for your clients. 


Get contracted with Lumico today.




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