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Product Spotlight: Bright Health Insurance

Oct 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Savers Marketing


Bright Health Insurance offers a portfolio of products for individuals and families that they want but often assume they can’t afford. Your clients have the opportunity to choose ACA-compliant major medical plans to suit their needs, at more affordable premiums. Bright Health’s URAC ACA accreditation ensures clients will trust that you’re encouraging a safe decision.


The Care Partner Relationship

Bright Health’s solution to the common challenge of presenting quality care at reasonable prices is allowing the network of healthcare and health insurance providers to work together. Care Partners have chosen exclusive relationships to ensure your experience is simple and affordable. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Of course, the cake being affordable healthcare and a positive consumer experience!


Let's talk benefits

Bright Health’s plans include bronze, silver, gold, HSAs, and catastrophic. Your clients will also enjoy personalized, local care and lower out-of-pocket costs. Complimentary transportation to and from appointments, meals delivered home after hospital stays, and even chances to earn cash rewards for completing healthy actions will ensure clients are pleased with your recommendation. In turn, you grow your business and trust that you’re offering more financially sound solutions to your current and potential clients. Don’t forget those competitive commissions... we’re sure you enjoy the earnings!


Other benefits include...

Insurance products offered from SureBridge have competitive premiums and commissions, so you and your clients will benefit from the flexibility and affordability of SureBridge’s coverage options. Offering more flexible, affordable, and reliable products will help you meet your financial goals by creating a broad supplemental portfolio to bolster your current product portfolio. 

  • Preventive and wellness services
  • Hospitalization and emergency services
  • Prescription drug access to 15,000 pharmacies across the country
  • Mental health, substance use, and behavioral health treatment
  • Laboratory services
  • Rehabilitative & habilitative services/devices
  • Chronic disease management
  • Maternity & newborn care
  • Pediatric dental & vision


Bright Health’s mission is “To make healthcare right. Together.”

They believe in a better U.S. healthcare system... from Bright Health Insurance’s CEO, Bob Sheehy, “an individual's relationship with his or her doctor is one of the most critical, enduring, and profound personal bonds. A doctor is there at the very beginning of your life. And when all of us come to the end of our lives, who will be at our bedside? Our family. Our spouse. Our children. And our doctor.” Bright Health’s top priority is ensuring members can afford to maintain those vital relationships with their healthcare providers.


Getting contracted 

For more information, you can view product highlight sheets, compare products, and request contracting with Bright Health all in one place at Savers Marketing.



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