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Personal Development: Are You Using These Insurance Sales Tactics?

Aug 2, 2018 9:21:29 PM / by Savers Marketing


Whether you’re selling over the phone or in person, these insurance sales tactics are tried and true. Become a trusted resource and close the deal on the prospect’s schedule, not on yours.

Chances are you’re already comfortable with generating leads, and you probably have some solid tools at your disposal. Maybe you’ve become a little too comfortable with your routine and are looking to shake things up. Or maybe, like any good sales insurance agent, you’re constantly on the hunt for personal development.

Selling insurance is often a game of keeping up, whether it’s with technology, providers, changing legislation, or even just client needs. It’s never a bad time to review your sales tactics.


Be prepared to meet your prospects wherever they are.

We don’t buy insurance for today, but for tomorrow. When we need it, and in case we need it. And you should think of selling the same way.

While it’s tempting to focus on closing the deal, that’s only a small point in the total sales funnel. Your insurance sales tactics need to address the bigger picture:

  • Attracting your new leads. Make them want to choose what you have to offer.

  • Converting the right leads. Help them decide what’s best for them, whatever direction that may be.
  • Retaining your current clients. Let them know you’re always available to help.

Not all leads will follow this funnel structure in order, and many will enter the funnel at different points. Be ready to meet them wherever they are. Even if they don’t choose you today, make them want to come back when they’re ready.


Every prospect has a story. Learn it.

Of course, to understand where your leads are coming from, you need to learn their story. Ask about their family, their interests, and their goals. Don’t just make small talk; listen empathetically.

Be sincere in helping them understand how insurance is a valuable part of their story.



Understand why people buy

You might have heard “Sell Benefits, Not Features.” This is a good starting point for insurance sales tactics—features are meaningless until they’re put into context. If you’re listening to your leads and meeting them where they are, you’ll start to understand not only if they’re ready to buy, but why they’re buying in the first place.

Remember: people buy for value, not price.

Understanding what they value will help you determine the best value for them.

Be an educator

Insurance can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. To return to the first point, your leads won’t always know what they need, or possibly even what they want. Often, you’ll need to educate them.

This means you’ll have to keep yourself educated, but it also means you’ll need to know how to educate:

  • Avoid industry jargon whenever possible
  • Be clear, concise, and creative
  • Be enthusiastic and get creative!

Again, leads won’t always be ready to buy. Help them. Become a resource they can trust by checking in on them regularly, passing along information that can benefit them, and remembering the personal details that matter in their story.


You’re at your best when sales and marketing work together.

If you think of sales and marketing as apples and oranges, think again. You’re at your best when your insurance sales tactics work hand-in-hand with professional marketing.


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