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Savers Spotlight: Insurance Agent Trainings

Jun 22, 2020 1:17:08 PM / by Savers Marketing


As an agent, you’re familiar with new product rollouts, and necessary follow up training, that comes with working in the insurance industry. When it comes to aiding your clients and helping them find the right life insurance, health insurance, or vision and dental policies, you can only go so far without the proper training and background on these specific policies. Every carrier is different - and depending on the requirements of your carriers, it’s essential to have the right training tools by your side.


If you’re searching for carrier training programs that work with your packed schedule, at Savers our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. That’s why we offer on-demand insurance agent training to our agents, so you can stay informed and continue to support your clients.



Flexible Industry Training

Whether you’re an agent with years of industry experience, or still learning on the job, it’s important to stay up to date with necessary products offered by your respective carriers.


At Savers we want all of our contracted agents to fully understand their products, which is why we offer flexible training sessions. All of our agent training sessions are on-demand, so you can pick a time that is convenient for your hectic schedule.


We offer in-person training sessions to all of our agents, as well as an assortment of online resources and events. If you’re searching for a specific insurance product or carrier plan, our event calendar keeps track of all upcoming events and training programs. You can receive the proper sales training, product insight, and new agent training needed to succeed.



Meet with Our Team as Needed

Once you have the necessary training under your belt, that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions. After your initial contracting if you have specific carrier questions, product concerns, or need follow up assistance regarding benefit details or open enrollment, our team is ready to assist. In a field that is constantly changing, we want to equip our agents with every possible resource.



How to Enroll in Training Sessions

If you’re an agent in need of training, browse our event calendar to view specific carrier events such as new agent training, new carrier products, and open enrollment assistance. For more hands-on training, contact our office for specific questions and agent support.



For more resources, view our tools for independent agents and explore additional services. Our goal is to provide our agents with a variety of tools, such as lead assistance, quoting tools, and quality commissions. For more information on how you can better serve your customers, learn the 3 (Big) Reasons Good Customer Service Matters.



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