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Resource Spotlight: Agent Insight - The CVS Health Opportunity Webinar

May 19, 2021 10:30:48 AM / by Savers Marketing

As an independent insurance agent, it’s essential to carry products with your client’s best interest at heart. While there are plenty of healthcare and life insurance products in today’s market, few of them cover end-of-life and emergency expenses. On average, over 98% of Americans outlive their term life insurance coverage, so as their agent, it’s essential to find a policy that fits all of life’s circumstances.

Everyone needs a plan for their final expenses, so why not carry a flexible product backed by one of the most well-respected brands in the nation - like CVS Health’s Final Expense Insurance.

When it comes to final expenses, CVS Health is redefining healthcare, one client at a time. If you’re ready to learn more about the incredible benefits of this final expense and Med Supp plan, you’re in luck! Savers Marketing is hosting an exclusive Agent Insight: The CVS Health Opportunity, discussing all the fantastic features these two products have to offer.

CVS Health’s Final Expense product, combined with their Med Supp product, means endless possibilities for you and your clients. Trust us - The Agent Insight is something you won’t want to miss!


What to Expect During

An Agent’s Insight: The CVS Health Opportunity



Throughout our Agent Insight: The CVS Health Opportunity,, we’ll discuss all the fantastic features CVS Health’s Final Expense and Medicare Supplement products have to offer, plus the opportunities that await our agents. We want to highlight all the incredible features of both products, so expect plenty of in-depth information.

During our webinar, we’ll highlight:

  • Why there’s a need for Final Expense and Med Supp products
  • Distinct Features of CVS Health’s Final Expense insurance
  • Distinct Features of CVS Health’s Med Supp insurance
    • Cross-Selling opportunities
  • How CVS Health Benefits Agents and their Clients

Selling CVS Health products means your clients will receive excellent coverage, and as an agent through Savers Marketing, you’ll have access to the best training, lead access, and support from our team. This webinar is one of many educational opportunities we’re happy to share with you!


When Will Our Webinar Take Place?

If you’re interested in learning more about these two unique products by CVS Health, our CVS Final Expense and Med Supp Webinar will take place on Thursday, June 10th, at 11 AM EST. Our team will discuss everything listed above, and if you’re interested in selling these products, how to begin your contracting process.

Registration is now open, but spots are limited! If you’re interested in learning more, take the time to guarantee your spot now by signing up today!

If you have any questions or things you’d like us to discuss during this time, please contact us! Our team is here to help however we can.


Registration is open - click here to reserve your spot for our Agent Insight: The CVS Health Opportunity!


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