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3 (Big) Reasons Good Customer Service Matters

Dec 3, 2018 9:47:00 AM / by Savers Marketing

Selling insurance as an independent agent means wearing many hats. In addition to sales, you’re also your own marketing and customer service team. Many businesses see customer service as a side task and prefer to focus on finding and converting new leads into customers, but ignoring this part of your business could be causing you to lose the customers you already have. Here are three reasons why customer service is important.

Delight Your Customers

It’s one thing to provide quality insurance to your customers, but what sets a good insurance salesperson apart is going above and beyond. Insurance can be a confusing and stressful part of people’s lives, so turning it into a positive experience can make your customers go from satisfied to delighted. Focusing on exceeding the expectations of your customers is always worth your time and effort.


  • Make every interaction with your customers personal.

  • Follow-up on conversations and make sure everything you’ve discussed is clear, and all your customer’s questions have been answered.

  • Provide extra content and resources relevant to their concerns and situations.


Keep Your Customers

Customer retention is always a priority, and the best way to keep your customers is to keep them happy. Remember, keeping an existing customer is far less expensive than attracting and converting a new one. Customers become loyal when they feel they can trust the business they’re working with, so work to build and consistently maintain a trust between yourself and your customers.


  • Answer emails and phone calls in a timely manner. No one wants to wait around for an answer for days or even weeks at a time!

  • Provide reminders when it’s time to renew insurance policies and keep your customers informed of upcoming changes.

Encourage Referrals

There’s nothing better than hearing about an endorsement from a customer. One easy way to generate more leads for your insurance business is to delight and encourage your customers. Loyal customers who love what you do for them are much more likely to tell their friends and family why they should be customers, too.


  • Consider referral bonuses or perks for your customers.

  • Remind your customers of upcoming deadlines and enrollment dates and encourage sharing.

Great customer service is important to any business, but it’s especially important when you’re working as an independent agent. Be good to your customers, and they’ll be good to you!

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