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10 Fitness Apps For Staying Healthy

Sep 12, 2018 12:00:31 PM / by Savers Health


Fitness apps help you be more active


  • RiseToday

    RiseToday connects you to local fitness classes and wellness events by showing you upcoming sessions nearby. This fitness app is great for frequent travelers or just those of you who love variety in your fitness regime.

  • Charity Miles

    Feel good, do good. All in one workout! With Charity Miles health app, you’ll choose a charity to support, receive a corporate sponsor, and earn money as you reach new fitness goals by walking, running, or biking.

  • Fit Radio

    The perfect fitness companion to keep you focused while you run for charity, Fit Radio streams music to fit the pace and beat of your run. Choose from multiple genres, and Fit Radio will make sure your music keeps your workout fun and motivating.




Health apps to help you eat smarter

  • SideChef

    Ever tried using your phone with your hands covered in sauce, flour, or water? How’d that work out? Like a sous chef in your phone, SideChef helps you try healthy recipes with hands free operation. As you’re cooking, SideChef reads you a step-by-step guide for each recipe.

  • Fooducate

    Fooducate helps you shop smarter and eat smarter with a barcode scanner that tracks the nutritional content of your groceries. It tracks your mood, sleep quality, and hunger to give you a comprehensive overview of your eating habits.

  • MyFitnessPal

    MyFitnessPal tracks your calories in and calories burned so you can see if you’re meeting your calorie goal each day. It tracks your activity, food intake, water intake, and weight to help you see your progress over time. Link your MyFitnessPal account to almost any fitness tracking device (like a Fitbit or Apple Watch) to easily track your physical activity.






Wellness apps to help you feel great

  • Sleep Cycle

    How is an alarm clock app good for your health? Because as you sleep through the night, you go through different sleep cycles. Waking up during the wrong cycle makes you groggy and disoriented. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock monitors your sleep patterns to help you wake up during your lightest sleep cycle in the morning, so you’ll wake up feeling fresh and rested.

  • Happify

    This wellness app is full of games and meditation activities that help combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Your mental and emotional health are just as important for your fitness regime as your physical health!

  • Yoga Studio

    With customizable classes and sessions organized by focus (relaxation, balance, flexibility, or strength) this app is ideal for taking care of your mental and physical health in one exercise. Classes are available in “quick yoga fixes” (less than 10 minutes) and longer sessions (up to an hour).







The best fitness app to help you do it all

  • 8Fit

    Activity tracking? Check.
    Nutrition tracking? Check.
    Personal coaches? Check.
    Customized workouts? Check.
    Daily motivations and reminders to stay fit? Check.

    8Fit does it all, and it does it all pretty well. If you want the one-stop-shop of fitness apps, 8Fit is for you.

What are some of your favorite features to have in a fitness app? Did we miss any of your favorite apps? Share them with us below!


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